Corporate insurance and legal protection

Insurance and specific protection for workplace safety

Objective: corporate defense

The insurance packagethat helps companies cope with the costs of legal protection necessary in the event of a dispute with parties inside and outside the company.

Occupational safety is a delicate matter, a path that the company and its collaborators undertake under the Legislative Decree 81/08 and that can sometimes lead to conflict situations.

We have therefore developed, in collaboration with our partner and consultant for professional policies, a company insurance that supports companies and employers as well.

Some exapmples?
• The accident of an employee in the workplace;
• a corporate product that causes injury to staff or a customer;
• irregularities found in the context of current legislation on the protection of privacy.

These are just a few examples where Studio Bianchini can intervene to help companies protectthemselves and deal effectively with disputesin the field of safety at work.
The bundles and packages are completely customizable and are studied ad-hoc for each individual situation.

Legal assistance

We have entered into a partnership with a leading law firm to provide our clients with highly qualified and expert assistance in the field of:

Criminal assistance for proceedings relating to Legislative Decree 81/2008
The firm assists and defends its clients in all legal proceedings resulting from accidents at work;

Contracts, litigation and arbitration
Assistance in the management of disputes that may arise for the drafting or termination of contracts or during tenders, awarding and procedures. Assistance and advice to customers in civil and commercial disputes and in relations with partners and collaborators.

Corporate and financial law
Consultancy for Italian and foreign companies in the management of corporate transactions of a current and extraordinary nature, as well as in commercial transactions in various sectors. The service is valid both in the negotiation and out-of-court phase and in court.

Bankruptcy and insolvency law
Assistance to creditors or debtors in the context of bankruptcy and insolvency procedures in general.

Industrial law
Advice and assistance in the field of industrial property protection (for example trademark ownership), unfair competition actions and prevention of all forms of counterfeiting.