Why Studio Bianchini


Active in the field of occupational safety since 1999, Studio Bianchini has acquired over the years the knowledge and tools to solve any type of legal case related to any company: small, medium or large and in any sector, The constant dialogue with its customers, the personalized approach, the continuous updating and the consolidated relationships with the control bodies, have allowed Studio Bianchini to have an in-depth and broader view of the world of safety and occupational medicine.

Higher education

The good qualityof corporate training is guaranteed not only by the “qualified trainer” certificates of the studio’s teachers, but also by the experience gained in building the corporate training plan. Over the years, the teaching on occupational safety has been enriched with a methodology aimed at increasing the participation of students thanks to constant interaction and the presentation of concrete cases and exercises, thus making our safety at work courses always current and updated.


In the securityarea, the controls by the supervisory authority are numerous and very accurate in verifying that all the conditions required by law are met. In addition to the consolidated experience and numerous comparisons with verification authorities, Studio Bianchini carries out periodic verification audits and coordination meetings to ensure a safety system always under control.


Over the years, our firm has carefully selected its collaborators to offer all-round services with high-level professionals (technicians, occupational doctors, teachers, designers, etc.).


It is always our concern to study solutions related to the specific reality of the customer: from training to the necessary documentation up to medical examinations, our goal is to ensure that the company can be 100% compliant with safety and occupational health regulations.