Health and safety at work

Risk assessment, safety plans

Studio Bianchini assists the client in the correct application of the lawson health and safety at work. Our technicians, through risk assessment, are able to evaluate and program suitable safety procedures in order to gradually reduce therisk conditions detected.

The bureaucratic services, carried out directly by our staff, are:

D.V.R. and technical/instrumental evaluations

This is the reportdrawn up at the end of the professional risk assessment. This document must cover all risks for the safety and health of the workers. Legislative Decree 81/08 has among its main obligations that of drawing up the DVR which will be the corporate guideline for the security system.

Risk interference between companies: D.U.V.R.I. – P.O.S – P.S.C


It must be developed if an external company intervenes in the production unit to carry out maintenance work or to set up temporary construction sites not subject to the obligation of drafting the Safety and Coordination Plan.


It is the operational safetyplan and refers to temporaryand mobile construction sites. It is the risk assessmentof the specific contracted work, integrated with the information and requirements contained in the customer’s PSC.

P.S.C.safetyand coordination plan

It is the documentthat the coordinatorfor the designor execution of the work, on behalf of the client, must draw up before the work activities are started on a construction site.

Emergency and evacuation plan

It is a report which, combined with the specific plans to be displayed in the workplace, contains short behavioral elementsthat every emergency worker must implement.