The quality system, audit and certifications

Assistance for each service

Studio Bianchini offers all the auditand verificationservices to guide companies in obtaining international quality certifications, to also potentially reduce the INAIL rate.

The ISO 9001 Standard

It is identified with a series of regulations and guidelinesdeveloped by theInternational Organization for Standardization(ISO), which define the requirements for the realization, in a given company, of a system to quality management, in order to conduct business processes, improve the effectiveness and efficiency in product creation and service delivery to obtain and increase customer satisfaction.

The ISO 14001 Standard

Consists in the implementation and maintenance of proceduresto identify the “environmental aspects” of the organization, that is, establishing how the activities, processes and products of the company can have an “impact” on the environmentand defining a criterionfor assessing the significance / criticality of these impacts.

The OHSAS 18001 Standard

The acronym OHSAS stands for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series and defines the international standard for a management system of the workers’ safety and health. The OHSAS Certificationcertifies the voluntary application, within an organization, of a system that allows to ensure adequate control regarding the Workers’ Safety and Health, in addition to compliance with mandatory regulations.

Consultancy for the reduction of the INAIL rate

What is the prevention discount? INAIL recognizes a reduction in the insurance premium to companies with employees, active for at least two years, that have carried out preventive measures to improve health and safety conditions in the workplace. The premium savings rates vary with company size and are higher for smaller companies. It benefits companies in compliance with the provisions on accident prevention and occupational hygiene and with social security and social security obligations.

Studio Bianchini offers a personalized program of consultancy, inspections, inspections, procedures and environmental audits to help collect the documentation required by the body to submit the application.

The interventions for the improvement of safety and hygiene conditions in the workplace, declared on the application form, must have been implemented in the calendar year preceding the submission of the application.

The application must be submitted online in February, using the OT24 form provided by the INAILitself: Studio Bianchini assists the company, through its labor consultant, in preparing and sending the application.

Download the form to submit your application.