Occupational medicine

Physical and social well-being of the worker in the Company

Occupational medicine deals with the interactions between the workplace, diseases, occupational risks and the worker. Its objective is to preserve and promote the physicaland social well-being of workersof all professions as far as possible, in harmony with the company preventionand protectionservice.

Studio Bianchini makes use of the collaboration with doctorsenabled to occupational health service, which supervise the application of the provisions on prevention of occupational diseasesand prescribe prophylactic medical examinationsaccording to ATS guidelines, to prevent occupational diseasesand accident risks, by periodically checking and monitoring the health status of the employees.

The occupational medicine service carried out by Studio Bianchini provides:

  • organization and scheduling of periodic visits in compliance with the deadlines set by law, either at one’s own clinic or at the headquarters of the client company (starting from a minimum of 5 people);
  • process and provide the customer with all documentationin both paper and digital format.

Instrumental tests and laboratory investigations

Studio Bianchini, through its specialized operators, is able to assist its customers for the predispositionof health checks demanded by the corporate health planand for all blood chemistry laboratory and toxicological tests necessary, carrying out blood drawn at the customer’s premises or alternatively in affiliated clinics.