Training courses

Exercises, practical tests, handouts and much more

Training courses for workersare an essential right and a mandatory duty for all categories. In fact, the Consolidated Law on Security, in Articles 36 and 37, require the employer to ensure that each workerreceives adequate and sufficient educationand trainingin matters of safetyand health, with particular reference to his / her workplaceand the job performed. Studio Bianchini provides companies with a rich catalog of trainingand information courses with teachersand professionalsqualified in every sector and attentive to the evolution of regulations.
The training courses onsafety at work include both theoreticalparts, supported by educational videos, handoutsand exercises, as well as practical tests for those categories of workers who must use particular tools (e.g. forklifts, road signs, elevating platforms and much more even more). The certificates issued at the end of the courses are validthroughout the national territory thanks to the partnership with UNASF (National Safety and Training Union).
It is possible to participate in safetytraining courses directly at our headquarters, equipped with a classroom, and it is possible to arrange specific meetings at your company headquarters.
It is also possible to organize courses in webinar and E-learning mode.

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