Fire prevention

Services, equipment and maintenance

Fire Brigade Paperworks

TheFire Prevention Certificate (CPI) is an authorization for production activity issued by the competent provincial command of the Fire Brigade, which certifies compliance with the prescribed requirements and the existence of fire safety requirements.

All related servicesprovided by Studio Bianchini are listed below:

  • Preparation of Fire Brigade Practices pursuant to Ministerial Decree 10/3/98 and DPR 151/11
  • Drafting of the Certified Commencement Report for Firefighters;
  • transfer and renewal of the Fire Prevention Certificate;
  • fluid dynamics and fire resistance tests:
  • diagrams.

Assistance forfire-fighting adaptation work issued by the Fire Brigade

  • installation of fire doors;
  • installation of fire prevention water circuits;
  • installation of smoke detection systems;
  • installation of automatic extinguishing systems.

Fire fighting equipment and maintenance

Through qualified partners Studio Bianchini supplies all types of fire-fighting equipment, extinguishing means, fire doors, emergency lights, signage, panic bars, detection systems, safety signs.